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Parent's Responsibilities

  • YOU are responsible for keeping us informed of any changes to the following:
    • Change of address, home, cell and/or work phone numbers.
    • New place of employment
    • Updated Immunizations for your child’s file.
    • Other updated identification and emergency information
  • ANY Court Order pertaining to the release/visitation of your child.
  •  Children must be clean and dressed for the day when they arrive at our childcare home. Please dress your child for a fun day of play! We are here to have fun (and sometimes we get messy!) Clothing and shoes should be appropriate for outside play, such as climbing on play structures, playing in the snow outside, etc.
    ______ It is expected that your child will be picked up by 7:00PM.
    If you are ever going to be late,
    a phone call is absolutely expected from you!
    A late charge of $1.00 PER MINUTE
    will be collected from you at the time of the late pickup.

Tuition is due each MONDAY MORNING for that week of care. (Unless you pay your fees Bi-weekly or monthly.)

Please note that a late payment fee of $20.00/day will be added onto your balance due if your payment is not made by Monday. I ask you please remember that I have staff that needs to be paid also.

There is a $25.00 returned check fee if a check should be returned for any reason. Late payment fees will also be applied to your balance. Full time openings allow you up to TEN HOURS of care per day. If your child is here more than TEN HOURS on any given day, an extra $10.00 will be due at pickup on that day, or at drop off the next day of attendance

If you are a family on the DHS payment assistance program,


You will be expected to pay the amount over by the beginning of the next calendar month. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. If the amount owed is not paid by the beginning of the next month, we will have no other choice but to deny care until it is paid in full.

Parents, please understand that a child SHOULD NOT COME to our childcare home if a child is ill with any of the following:
Fever, vomiting, extreme cough, unusual rash, diarrhea, and/or any contagious illness.

This policy protects other children, parents and staff members from missing time from work or school and can also prevent unnecessary doctor visits, and/or pharmacy bills for all families.

We send children home when a fever reaches 100.2* degrees. Children are required to be FEVER FREE FOR 24 HOURS
before returning to our childcare after an illness, or being sent home ill.

We reserve the right to ask for a Doctor’s note allowing your child to return to childcare/school. We also reserve the right to
determine admission of a sick child without a doctor’s note.

Mini kits will be needed for each child in our care. Parents are asked to please send items that will fit into a one gallon
Ziploc bag that will include:

  1. Fruit Snacks, juice, or ready to feed formula for an infant
  2. Change of clothes, keeping weather in mind.
  3. Picture of family members or family pet (for comfort)
  4. Phone number of an out of state family member or friend.
  5. Updated Cell and work phone numbers of ALL family members
  6. Candy, such as suckers, or life savers.

Our emergency relocation site is at Midstate Electric, on the corner of Finley Butte Road and Mitts Way in La Pine. If we are not there, our second relocation site is at the Finley Butte Park, 51390 Walling Ln, La Pine, OR 97739

At Tiny Stars, we believe that all moments are “teachable moments”. We don’t give “time outs”.

Our goal is to give all children the tools and skills they need to become their own problem solvers and to learn self-control.

If any child (or children) are having a difficult time working or playing together during the day, we first observe the children to see if the child (or children) involved can find a peaceful resolution on their own. We applaud using your words and good problem-solving skills! But not every situation ends in a simple resolution. When this happens, that’s when we intervene. We always try our best to show child(ren) how to “use your words and not your hands” to express how the situation or the other person made them feel.

Feelings are an important thing for a child to discover.

Anger is a very powerful emotion for a child.

We take the child(ren) aside and discuss with them what happened. We encourage the children to “talk it out” with us and the other child(ren). We talk about how to be our own “problem solvers” and remembering to “use our words and not our hands.”
We then ask them to think about what could have been a “better choice”. The child(ren) is encouraged to tell us what a better
choice could have been. The better choice(s) is discussed. Our goal is to give your child the confidence to make good decisions in a heated stressful moment or situation. When the situation is resolved, we give the child(ren) the opportunity to choose what they want to do next and redirect them to the activity they chose. Giving them the opportunity to make their choice gives them decision making skills. They can learn from the results of the choice they made for their next activity setting. But sometimes, talking to a child and redirecting a child to their newtask doesn’t work. Sometimes the child still needs time to calm down
and think about the whole situation. Sometimes just sitting down alone for a few minutes and taking a short time away from everyone is what’s needed for them to calm down and think about what happened. We guide the child to relax in our “Book Nook”.

Sometimes a child needs a soft space to relax with a good book. Sometimes they just need a quiet place to think.


Tiny Stars has an open-door policy, and parents are welcome to come at any time between 6:00 am and 7:00 pm. However, if you need to speak to me at great length, please let me know in advance.


Tiny Stars accepts children from all races, creeds, religions
and special needs.

Tuition Payment 1 Week