Building a Curriculum Based on Childrens Play

At Tiny Stars Infant and Toddler Care, Our curriculum is based on “Play” And yes, we know how this sounds!

The way that the classroom is set up, determines how the children will decide to play in their surroundings.  By setting up the classroom with items that are related to that weeks curriculum, she is structuring the environment for learning.  It can determine how, and with what and where the children go.  The teacher then engages with the child in their surroundings, and then the teacher also engages in “play”. 

The Curriculum is the basis for the items that the teacher chooses to set up the room with.  The Theme is carried out in the things that the children decide to play with!  The teacher sets up the environment based on what the theme is for that particular day or week.

Our Curriculum

The first 5 years of a child's life are the most important! During those first 5 years, a child will absorb knowledge from all around them! We at Tiny Stars strive to make your child's time with us to be full of learning, unique experiences and lots of knowledge. From 6 weeks of age, to pre-kindergarten, Tiny Stars is full of lots of learning and fun! Tiny Stars has a curriculum with weekly themes, educational art projects, and stories that are geared for children of all ages. All curriculum materials are included in your weekly fee. Our goal is to have your child well prepared for school in the future!

We are eager to assist with your child's potty training when its time! It means less work for us too! Since 1989 I have potty trained HUNDREDS of children, and have found that they will cooperate only when "they" are ready. We can ask them to try, and encourage them to "go", but we will never force your child to go on the potty, as this can only result in a set back to their potty training. Your little one will show signs when they are ready to try. We start looking for signs of potty-training readiness around 2 years 9 months of age. Your potty-training child will need "pull ups" here at Tiny Stars while potty training. Once we see that your child is using the potty regularly, and that the child's pull ups are staying dry throughout the day, then underwear will be welcomed!

Potty Training