Hi! My name is Laura, and Teaching is my passion in life!  I am the mother of 3 grown children, and I have 4 grandchildren.

I have been teaching in the Early Childhood Education profession for the past 30 years. I attended Chabot College, and Santa Monica College, and I have a State of California Associate Teacher Credential.  I taught in the HUSD for 14 years.  After leaving the HUSD,  I began working for different preschools in the Bay Area.  After working for these schools, I decided that what was in my heart, was to open a nurturing, loving QUALITY Infant and Toddler care program in the La Pine area where I live!

Tiny Stars Infant and Toddler Care is a fantastic Family Home Childcare program,  Licensed by the Oregon Department of Education, Early Learning Division. 

 Our program is based on Learning through play! I have used my 30+ years of teaching experience, and my Early Childhood Education, and designed an educational program that will assist in the development of a young child’s mind. Children learn through play.  Through  trying, experimenting, failing, and rethinking a different way to do things, these activities help build their cognitive thinking, fine motor development, social interaction, verbalization, math skills  and so much more!  With that in mind, Tiny Stars has the latest in Infant and Toddler educational toys and manipulative toys to engage the young child, so they will learn while they play!   Our playroom is designed to have a stimulating atmosphere.  The teachers here at Tiny Stars are the best!  We can’t wait to meet you!